21 January - 27 February 2022
Wure Area, Hong Kong

Usage of valediction in the letter structure is flooded due to thousands of sending and receiving. The customary and formal blessings may cover up the sincerity.

"Close", the exhibition topic, is challenging the possibility of becoming a valediction, which can comprehend as closed, not open, to end, to stop operating, careful, secretive, lacking air, near, similar, intimacy and so on. This magic ending word requires both the sender and receiver to believe in each other to align the corresponding interpretation even they are having different values of perspective for their relationship.

Four participating artists, who are often involved in image processing, developed their personal relationship diagrams through the early, middle, and late stages of image processing. All kinds of relationships develop as phenomena through the effort of the involved one, it is a mixture of all dictions of close.





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