Featherly Fingers, Candy Claws

20th Mar 2021 - 20 Apr 2021
Les’Play, Hong Kong

或是靈巧、或是笨拙,手本身不過是創造、溝通和連繫的工具。從最輕柔到最剛烈的不同手勢轉換之間,雙手、指間留下觸碰的痕跡,凡是所觸及之地,無一倖免。是次聯展:Featherly Fingers, Candy Claws,以手的姿態作為引旨,邀請不同性別、性向的藝術工作者,作為別人親密關係的觀察者,或是從自我出發的經驗者,回應(女女)親密關係中的張力。是次展覽場地Les’Play是專為女同而設的親密用品概念店。在一個能夠舒適探討身體歡愉、性別、性向的安全空間內,7位藝術家以繪畫、裝置、錄像等不同媒介探討私密的議題,同時打開討論的可能性,帶領觀眾進入這既遠且近的「私人領域」。

Nimble or clumsy, hands are our tools to create, communicate and connect. From the softest caresses to the scarring scratches, we leave traces of touch on every inch of our fingers' walk.
Featherly Fingers, Candy Claws introduces seven artists identifying with different genders and sexual orientations to explore (lesbian) intimacy. The group exhibition opens an entrance to the dialogue between observations from the inside-out and the outside-in.Exhibiting in the new concept store by Lesplay; a sextoy shop focusing on the LGBTQ+ community, the artists investigate intimacy through painting, installation and video. Opening up spaces for conversations, inviting audiences into this “private area” behind the veil.


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