10 September - 25 September 2021
Seen Fifteen Gallery & Safehouse II, London, UK

Under the exhibition titled ‘Light’, artists Caleb Fung, Liao Jiaming, O’Young Moli, Julian, Tang Kwong San, Yuen Nga Chi, Wong Wei-him and Catrine Val offer varied interpretations of the theme while exploring the possibilities of the media of photography, film, performance, and pinhole camera to bring attention to the city’s transforming social climate.

While the notion of ‘Light’ is intrinsically related to photography, determining tone, mood and atmosphere in the process of image making, it also allows for artistic interpretation, whether it is about the dawn of life, or light as a symbol for reason, enlightenment and knowledge and the capacity of humans to develop on a rational level. In Plato’s allegory of the cave, light allows us to see the shadows on the wall. If humans were to leave the cave and venture outside, the light of the sun would let them see the world around them. Light, therefore, means knowledge.

Curated by Monica Allende.


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