The Arcana Intelligent

11 - 29 Apr 2023
9/F, H Queen’s, Hong Kong

With the recent rapid advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we are led to imagine a near future through its domination. Commissioned by Videotage and supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, The Arcana Intelligent (2023) concludes a 6-month research by artist Liao Jiaming. It creates an experience of “divination”, combining elements of various religion, meditation, occultism, and ritual, that employs AI algorithms developed from different eras. It is an attempt to subvert current relationships between human users and computational algorithms in most AI applications. The art of divination may not simply be interpreted by the omniscient, it provides access to the inquirer’s subconscious. AI becomes a conjugate of scientific and spiritual medium, and therefore positioned beyond the divine and secular.

*The meaning of “Arcana” comes from the terms “major arcana” and “minor arcana” in tarot card reading. Arcana is the mystery sought by the alchemists of the Middle Ages, and the principle of the world.

Special Events

Opening Reception & Performance – 11 April 2023 (Tue) 5–8pm
During the Opening Reception, artist Liao Jiaming will perform a special ritual to initiate the “arcana”. Following that, a card reading specialist will help your private session.

Artist Sharing – 29 April 2023 (Sat) 2–3pm
The project will end on 29 April 2023 with an Artist Talk by Liao Jiaming (2–3pm) to conclude his 6-month research on the topic of AI, commissioned by Videotage. During this event (2–5pm), a card reading specialist will be also be present to read your cards.

The talk will be facilitated in English.

近期人工智能(Artificial Intelligence,AI)急速發展,引領我們持著AI主導來想像未來快將來到。由錄影太奇Videotage委託和香港藝術發展局資助,《萬試萬靈》(2023年)是藝術家廖家明六個月的研究成果。作品創造了一種集合宗教、冥想、神秘主義和儀式等元素的「占卜」體驗。該作品綜合採用不同時代開發的AI算法,試圖顛覆目前大多數AI應用中人類使用者和電腦算法之間的關係。占卜的魅力也許不是可以得到全知者的提點,而是得以通往問卜者自身的潛意識。AI在此成為科學和精神媒介的結合體,因而也被置於神性和世俗之外。

*英文作品標題之「arcana」來自塔羅牌占卜中的「大秘儀 major arcana」和「小秘儀 minor arcana」。Arcana為中古世紀煉金術師所追尋的奧秘,天地萬物運行的道理。

開幕及表演 – 4月11日(二)下午5時至8時

藝術家分享 – 4月29日(六)下午2至3時



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