Too Good to Be True

15 October - 28 November 2021
Green Space, L7, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong

Trained with profile pictures collected from gay dating apps, artificial intelligence (AI) generates a series of images, which compose the main content of the exhibition.

The similarity of the images implies people’s perception through social media and desirous pursuing of bodily perfection. The distortions, due to the interference from machine learning (ML) metaphorize the morbidity of it.

The use of ML not only questions the ways of the image production, asking the question “what is photography”, but also simulates how images are produced, stored, chosen and reproduced in the process of online dating. Nearly a case study of modern online dating, it shows how the notion of beauty has shaped our social behaviours thus influencing our self-cognition.

Other pieces of work demonstrate different perspectives of phenomena in online dating, raising an open discussion on the complexity and fragility in interpersonal relationship.

是次展覽的主體是一系列人工智能(artificial intelligence,AI)生成的圖像,而該AI為從男同性戀交友軟件中搜集而來的資料圖片所訓練。

這些圖像如此相似,展現了人們透過社交媒體對理想身型的理解和狂熱追求。因機器學習(machine learning,ML)的介入而產生的圖像扭曲,則隱喻了這種現象的病態。

ML技術的使用,從圖像生產的角度疑問“什麼是攝影”,也模擬了網絡交友(online dating)過程中圖像的生產、存儲、選擇和再生產。這幾乎可視作關於網絡交友的案例分析,展示了美的概念如何影響我們的社會行為和自我認知。



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