Turn Beauty into Strength

29 April - 3 May 2022
Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium, Taipei, Taiwan

A side event of Asia Pride Game 2022

We praise the moments of sports events when athletes actualise their full potential “the showcasing of strength and beauty”. Inspired by this concept, Coexist Exhibition named its exclusive exhibition project “Turn beauty into strength” to celebrate the launch of Pride Games.
“Beauty” is what most people think of art. But with “strength” joining force, “beauty” has the opportunity to enrich its essence with actual practice and labour in the course of “sports”. The exhibition is divided into three sub-themes - “Sports”, “Art Movement” and “Social Movement”. Through looking into different forms of “movement”, the exhibition invites creative workers who share interest in gender issues to show and present their works. On the basis of confined duration and space, the exhibition demonstrates the history of Pride Games and gender equality movement in Taiwan, as well as a creative marathon of contemporary artists using diverse mediums. By deconstructing and restructuring the concept of “turning beauty into strength”, we can have a glimpse of how two forces in friction and collision position themselves in the others’ viewing and self expression, and the dialogic relationship between individuals and the community.

Four participating artists, who are often involved in image processing, developed their personal relationship diagrams through the early, middle, and late stages of image processing. All kinds of relationships develop as phenomena through the effort of the involved one, it is a mixture of all dictions of close.

人們常用「力與美的表現」來形容運動賽事時,運動員爆發潛力的每個瞬間,「美∞力」的活動名稱延伸上述靈感,由多元成展 (Coexist Exhibition) 召集,是一個搭配同運會所舉辦的限時限地展演企劃。


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